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images April 27, 2021
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Things to Consider When Designing Your Next Bathroom

Are you looking for tiny bathroom style ideas? With the correct information, a small bathroom can be sleek, versatile, and space-efficient.

Many of us can just fantasise about having a large bathroom – a free-standing bath in the middle of the room, complete with a roaring fire and plush armchair, is on everyone’s wish list. However, we agree that tiny bathrooms can be just as stunning!

There are several things that a homeowner must consider before planning for a bathroom renovation work.

Where to start planning a small bathroom?

While furnishing a small bathroom can be challenging, there’s no need to compromise design. Determine what elements, such as a bath or additional storage, are most valuable to you in a bathroom. Then make a size design, leaving enough space around the fittings for people to move around the building.

If practicable, keep the toilet in its current position, as shifting the soil stack can be expensive. Don’t worry about the extras, like declaration tiles or underfloor heating for those cold mornings.

Is it possible to fit a bath in a tiny bathroom?

A freestanding bath, as previously stated, maybe an excellent choice since they are often available in smaller sizes. D-shaped baths have one flat side that flushes up a wall to achieve the same appearance. A corner bath could fit well in a bathroom with a complicated layout.

Is it possible to fit a shower in a tiny bathroom?

Shower enclosures are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including space-saving quadrant styles that fit conveniently into a narrow corner. Alternatively, a wet space with a tiled floor and a low shower tray is an option. A glass panel partitions the area and holds any spills contained, and makes the room look larger.

Install an over-bath shower or an innovative shower bath if you can’t do without a bath.

How can you make the most out of your tiny bathroom?

Fitted furniture can significantly increase storage capacity by fitting to even the most unusually shaped rooms. Pipework can be concealed under the installed table. Choose a wall-hung toilet and sink unit with matching drawers and ample cabinets for a boutique hotel feel. This would open up floor space and make even the tiniest bathroom feel more spacious.

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