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images April 5, 2021
  • renovatetoday

The tiles in the kitchen have a lot to like. They are durable, easy to clean and offer almost infinite possibilities for design.

Tiles are a vital part of decorating the kitchen, not only for functional purposes, but they are also a perfect way to add a little character to your look. 

The correct tiles will make a big difference to your finished scheme, whether they’re used on the walls, floor or as a splash back. It can be challenging to resolve on a concept, however, with such a wide variety of designs, fabrics and budgets to choose from. 

With your unit and desktops, room size and colour choices, begin by dreaming about how your chosen tiles would look.

Today in this article, we have enlisted a list of ideas that would prove useful to a homeowner who is considering undergoing a kitchen renovation. 

Add Extra Dimension to the Kitchen with Hexagonal Tiles

You don’t need colour to make a point; it will add excitement to fill a white kitchen with various textures, fabrics and shapes. 

For doing this, kitchen wall tiles are fine. To produce a chic contemporary look, this honeycomb tile blends effortlessly into the whitewashed walls.

Use Tiles that have Mismatch Shapes and Patterns

Don’t be afraid of mismatching the form, paint and even finish if you plan to tile your floor and walls. 

It might be appealing to go for a straightforward design on the surface. Still, it is the surface that makes a statement with a blue decorative pattern in this space. 

Instead, the walls were tiled with plain white tiles in a typical herringbone style.

Use Special Tiles in an Island Unit

Be creative with a floor declaration. In this open-plan kitchen, these patterned floors tiles were used to border the island unit. 

With the use of mosaic tiles, the sky is the limit when it comes to architecture since they can be used to produce a range of designs and eye-catching information.

By mixing light stone with a Middle Eastern theme, this patterned tile injects an oriental taste into a contemporary kitchen.

Select tiles with a Modern Bistro-Style Vibe and Metro Tiles

Consider building a whole feature wall of metro tiles if you have a wide border to fill in the kitchen. A standard option is brick-shaped or metro-style tiles with a distinctive bevel to have a retro twist. 

To achieve a more modern feel, pick matt flat or glass brick tiles. Make sure that the best grout is selected. It is not just functional bonding for longevity, but it is necessary to decide whether the pattern sticks out or blends in with the overall structure. 

It is available in different colours and substances, so do your homework.

Go for an Eye-Catching Pattern

Encaustic tiles are enjoying something of a renaissance with their bright colours and dramatic Moorish patterns. 

For several years, bold geometric patterns and patchwork styles have been used in commercial environments, but are becoming more and more common at home.

Encaustic tiles are an excellent way to bring visual appeal and are made in a variety of colours, in line with the movement toward incorporating colour and pattern in interiors: vibrant geometric patterns in stunning pastels; eye-catching monochrome motifs and arresting Moroccan forms in ochre and burnt orange, emerald green and azure blue.

Encaustic tiles are functional items that fit equally well in modern and conventional interiors.

Use Stone Tiles

Look no deeper than quartz, if you want timeless elegance and human character. Stone has been used on floors for decades, naturally elegant and with a too-long lifetime.

It will bring complexity and appeal to a textured kitchen tile pattern. For high-traffic locations, it is a decent alternative and can be found in farmhouse-style or modern kitchens. 

Pick Slate for a Splash back design

Use a tiled slate wall to replicate the exposed-brick look. Slate is a beautiful choice for kitchen walls and splash backs with its naturally smooth texture and different colours, from pale grey to dark purple and rich rust. For added character, leave your slate tiles ungrouted.

Use Porcelain Tiles for the Floor

Loving the appearance of tiles in large formats? Hard-wearing and sturdy, porcelain tiles for kitchen floors are tried and tested content. 

Since porcelain is so reliable, tiles can be rendered smaller, so heavyweights don’t need to be massive. Under floor ventilation in the winter months prevents the floor from being too cold.

Use Wood Flooring Tiles

The flooring might look like wood, but it is covered with plank-sized porcelain tiles with a fake wood grain pattern that can be conveniently spread over old floorboards and tiles. 

These tiles, anything but regular, will bring to every scheme a splash of personality and character.

Marble Effect Tiles

Marble is a wonderfully intricate stone, but it can also be costly, especially if you have a vast area that needs to be tiled. For a porcelain tile that looks almost similar to real marble, why not falsify the look? 

On the market, at a price to fit most budgets, there are many good-quality marble impact tiles.

Try Using Terracotta Stone

Terracotta is better for a casual, rustic floor look. In a modern kitchen, this look still fits well, as seen above. 

To avoid stains from entering, all kinds of mortar, terracotta and slate are porous and would require sealing. Wipe away acid spills on unglazed floors quickly to maintain the coating intact.

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