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images April 23, 2021
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When you use a few clever tricks of the trade, a small room doesn’t have to look cluttered or feel crowded. And if you have a shower room to work in, your small bathroom will quickly become stylish and sophisticated.

With a few space-saving tricks and a splash of beautiful accessories and textiles, even the smallest bathrooms can be transformed into a desirable space in minutes. We’ll teach you how to design the bathroom of your dreams in a tiny space.

Using an Oval Bath

In a small bathroom, don’t be afraid to have a free-standing bath. An oval bath creates the illusion of more space by cutting corners. A shallow shelf for hiding waste pipes may also be used to view bath salts, plants, and other products.

Making Use of a Tricky Corner

If you don’t have enough space in your bathroom for a shower, consider a free-standing bathtub with a bath shower mixer tap. If you’re short on space, a bath tray will not only look Instagram-worthy but will also keep your bath time essentials close at hand.

Clever Use of Glass

In this tiny bathroom, a walk-in shower with frameless panels seems to be scarcely there, adding to the illusion of size. White marble for the wall tiles adds a touch of glitz to the narrow room without being overpowering.


The use of hexagonal tiles brings appeal without being too busy in this small space. Hexagons were also used in the porch and kitchen, creating a delicate connection in the home.

Stay Inline

The former green striped wallpaper was removed and replaced with clever tongue-and-groove panelling painted in white and replicated on the bath panel for a simplified solution. The old carpet was replaced with hygienic and aesthetically appealing industrial-look lino flooring.

Using Paints to Give an Illusion of Height

To build the illusion of height, paint halfway up a wall. You will create a gap from the upper portion of the wall by lowering the eye with a darker paint tone. The room would lack dimension if the walls were all the same colour. This clever and easy paint trick is an excellent way to make a small space look bigger than it is.

Mount Taps and Faucets on the Wall

Since the pipework can be covered without using a cumbersome basin pedestal, wall-mounted mixer taps are ideal for small bathroom projects. It would be best if you put shelving or a laundry basket in the empty room.

Think like an Expert

It is better to maintain a small bathroom looking accessible from an architectural and visual perspective by not cramming too many things into it. Edit your facilities regularly, hang your towels on bars or hooks, keep trends to a minimum, and keep it easy.

If you use a pedestal sink instead of a cumbersome vanity, a transparent glass door instead of a shower curtain, and large-scale reflective surfaces like polished ceramic tiles, space will feel more significant.

Use wall-mounted units

Thanks to its fuss-free, sleek appearance, wall-mounted modular furniture remains a favourite for storage. It comes in various heights, widths, and depths, allowing you to build a semi-custom table to suit your room perfectly.

There are several colours available, varying from subtle hues to bright, bold shades and various textures.

Use Wallpaper for a Cloakroom

Creating interest is one of the easiest ways to camouflage a small bathroom, and an amazing wallpaper is perfect for this. If the room has a bath or tub (rather than just a cloakroom), make sure you have one designed for baths and can withstand the humid, warm temperatures.

Purchase Multi-Functional and Freestanding Furniture

A small footprint should not hamper your artistic flair. If the bathroom you have is on the smaller side, freestanding furniture that you can switch around at will is a good option.

You can switch the scheme around anytime you like with freestanding storage and seating, and unlike installed bathroom units, you can take freestanding parts with you as you move out.

Using Tiles

The space you have and the amount of space the eye perceives aren’t quite the same. Play with perspective by tiling the side of your bath and the wall with the same pattern – it would be difficult to tell where one ends and the other starts, making the room seem more significant.

Marble is especially useful in this application because it tends to be one wide sheet and the individual tiles are scarcely visible.

But Tall Storage Units

In small rooms, freestanding pieces are a godsend. Luxuriously wrapped lotions and practical wash bags are displayed and easily accessible thanks to tiered wire storage. If space is small, the stand can be relocated from the bedroom to the bathroom as required.

Using Identical Tiles for Walls and Floor

Using the same tiles on the walls and floor to make a small bathroom seem more prominent is a clever trick.
The natural stone in this family bathroom not only adds a spa-like touch but the continuous run of tiles, combined with the wall-hung fixtures, provides a spacious feel.

If the natural stone looks too neutral, incorporate powerful colour pops with your towels, storage, and accessories – a cost-effective way to give your bathroom personality.

Make Best Use of Sloping Roofs

By incorporating a bath into the eaves, you can make the most of your attic room. If your ceiling is strangely made, like this loft bathroom’s, render it a decorative feature.

To contrast with the statement wallpaper behind it, paint the ceiling white. It’s a perfect way to bring charm to a tiny room. If necessary, install a skylight to open up your bathroom to make it feel more light and airy.

White furnishings can bounce light throughout the room, allowing you to add personality with a few unique accessories.

The lighting in your bathroom is essential. To add drama and atmosphere, use job lighting next to mirrors and dimmable solutions in alcoves or behind a bath. For safe use in damp environments, make sure all light fittings have the appropriate IP rating.

Adding a Slipper Bath

Try a shapely slipper bath if you can’t fit a regular roll-top bath into your bathroom – many come in short versions and will let you relax your back in style. If you want conventional fixtures but don’t have a lot of space, the new roll-top baths come in smaller sizes.

Use Appliances that Fit

Large furniture will overshadow a small room, so select pieces suitable for the size of your space. Keep to the necessities in a small bathroom, such as a vanity unit and a storage rack hung on the wall or put on the bath’s side.
That isn’t to suggest you can’t have a lot of personalities. Choose patterned tiles for the floor and paint a vanity unit in your favourite colour.

Choose Your Accessories and Furniture Wisely

Upcycle a narrow console table into a compact basin to add a nostalgic touch to the bathroom. Wall-mounted taps are a neat option for saving space. A freestanding basin unit would give your bathroom a more open feel by allowing you to see more of the floor.

Plus, if you’re low on shelves, you can stow a few baskets underneath.

Tile the Walls Halfway

Don’t know how to tile a slanted ceiling? Then tiling halfway up the wall may be a bright idea. It would save money on tiles and make the room seem bigger. To maximise the lighting from roof lights, use a dark neutral tile and paint the ceiling above it white.

Use a Different Colour in a White Suite

Although a white bathroom suite is amongst the best option for opening up a tiny space, it may appear a little stark if the whole room is white. That’s why a smidgeon of colour on the walls is the ideal compromise: light enough to create an airy atmosphere, but with plenty of personalities.

The storage alcoves were designed with tongue-and-groove panelling and painted white to contrast with the raspberry walls and contrasting cobalt-blue tiles.

Accessorise in Black or Blush tones

If you don’t have enough funds to renovate the whole bathroom, accessories will help you make the most of a small space. Choose a style – monochrome is trendy right now and simple to pull off, or go with blush tones for a more contemporary look.

Apply the trend’s theme to lighting, mirrors, small decorations, and soft furnishings to change the room in a moment.

Decorate Your Bathroom with a White Theme

Stick to a simplistic all-white scheme to make a minimal bathroom feel more spacious. To make the room feel cosy rather than freezing, pair a white suite with polished wall tiles and plenty of plush textured towels.

Purchase Fitting Accessories and Appliances

A well-thought-out concept will accommodate all of the essentials in a bathroom as little as two square metres and much less in a shower room. The trick is to stop cramming too much in.

If you have a tiny bathroom, it’s much easier to make a walk-in tub or a beautiful bath, the focal point rather than having a crowded bathroom.

Use an Interesting Wallpaper to Maximise Space

In every space, wallpaper makes a point, and the bathroom is no different. Bathrooms with a shower or bath need speciality paper to prevent steam from ruining them, so a downstairs cloakroom is a perfect place to use a wallpaper.

To make the most of a tiny room like this, choose an exclusive, bold, or fascinating print. Place a splash-back of Perspex behind the sink to protect water from scratching the wallpaper.

Relocate Your Showerhead

If you’re short on rooms, go for an over-shower bath, which gives you the best of both worlds. Instead of putting your shower against the bath’s short side, consider placing it around the longer side for a more luxurious feel. To contrast with the rest of the space, use a bold tile design around the water.

Use a Monochromatic Theme

Stick to a monochrome palette and use bold accessories to add colour, form, and pattern. White, rather than any other colour, can open up a bathroom and make it feel as spacious as possible. In a small bathroom, white tiles and black grout may be a winning mix.

Use Bright Colours

Despite its limited size, this sleek bathroom uses various techniques to build a genuine wow factor. To inject vibrancy and individuality into a white bathroom that would otherwise feel clinical and characterless, use many colours.
The tiny bathroom’s bright yellow ceiling and shower screen serve as a focal point, while downlights and white tiles leave the space looking light and airy.

Recessed Shelves

Recessed shelves conserve space both physically and visually by keeping toiletries organized and off the floor. It’s an intelligent use of a necessary function to transform the shelves into false walls that conceal pipework. Try using recessed illumination, either spot or linear.

Build a Wet Room Instead of a Bathroom

A wet room will help you make the most of a small space while still increasing the value of your home. Consider a wet room instead of a toilet when converting an attic. It’s an intelligent way to optimise a small space, and when it’s done right, like this designer-style one, it’s stunning.

Install a good extractor fan to help with ventilation since a build-up of moisture can lead to condensation and damp issues. Underfloor heating takes up little room, so it provides ventilation and aids in the rapid drying of surfaces.


Keep it accessible with light, natural colours if you’re stuck on how to decorate your tiny bathroom. To build a sense of space, select furniture and accessories with straight lines and keep the room as clutter-free as possible.

Use Large Mirrors

Reflecting light and then creating the illusion of space, mirrors can entirely change a room’s look and feel. It’s a fantastic trick that interior designers often employ. If you want to hang a mirror on the wall or opt with more daring reflective tiles, the reflection will brighten up your bathroom.

Make Your Bath the Focal Point

Choose a freestanding bath so it can serve as a great focal point in a compact bathroom. They aren’t all as large as you would expect, and smaller ones can be purchased to fit into narrower spaces. Using a beautiful stencil to pull the eye up to create the illusion of space on the wall above.

Place a Storage Shelf above the Paneling

The bath is visually framed by tongue-and-groove panelling, and the convenient shelf at the top serves as a mantelpiece for a variety of trinkets, toiletries, and accessories. The Eau de zero colours is a calming choice for the bathroom, and it adds depth to this tiny space.

Install a Sunken Bath

Try adding a sunken bath while you’re renovating your bathroom or en suite. A sunken bath will streamline your bathroom and give it a spacious, hotel-style feel if you have the space below your floorboards.

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