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images June 10, 2021
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List of Bathrooms Remodel That a Homeowner Should Avoid

Apart from a kitchen remodel, a bathroom renovation is the one project that can instantly add comfort and convenience to your everyday routine.

Find a perfect home design that works for you. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs Value Survey, mid-range bathroom remodels will return up to 75% of the initial investment. Let’s look at why updating your bathroom should be your next home improvement project.

All Looks No Function

Imagine putting in all the work to remodel only to discover that it doesn’t fix the challenges you face as a homeowner on a regular basis, or worse, uncovering new issues you weren’t aware of in the first place!

Work with a company to ensure that your bathroom renovations are actually upgrading one of the most significant rooms in the building, rather than simply refacing and rebuilding with no longer-term target in mind.

All White or Dark

Too much of a good thing? Ask any master bathroom built in the ’80s and early ’90s! We love nostalgia, but we’re able to let go of the dim, cramped feeling, so many initial master baths have. And, let’s face it, they don’t make us feel exceptionally relaxed or at ease.

Your sleek master bath renovation, on the other hand, can be both light and bright without going overboard. Finding the right combination of visual appeal and aesthetic balance in a bathroom renovation is crucial, particularly when going for a more modern look.

Oversized Tubs

Tubs that are too big are gone. A stand-up, glass-enclosed shower will provide you with all of the spa-like amenities you need as a homeowner, such as a rainfall showerhead, a bench seat, and built-in shelves, while also making getting ready more straightforward and more enjoyable.

Replacing the old garden tub or jacuzzi would do more than just look good; it will also increase accessibility and resale value.

Lack of Storage

When it comes to bulk storage, open shelving is ideal for grab-and-go necessities like towels, toilet tissue, and soap, but it pays to keep the chaos contained in an organised vanity with deep drawers.

Updating Decorations without Technology

Your new bathroom renovation should be stunning, functional, and uniquely you. We at Renovate Today have some high-level experts who can custom-design your house for the best possible outcome.

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