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images April 5, 2021
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Nothing beats entering a bathroom that looks as tidy as it should be in an environment planned for hygiene and cleanliness. Yet it can still feel like a challenge to build a completely clean bathroom and keep it spotless.

Here are ten tips and tricks on how to scrub the bathroom tiles and keep them clean with breeze.

Clean your bathroom a little, daily

This does not suggest doing a detailed deep-cleaning of the toilet every day. Instead, it means doing those tiny, 20-second jobs, such as spot-cleaning the mirror or floor tile and wiping off the cabinets, tile backsplash, and sink, that will spice up the freshness of your bathroom every day. 

You’ll want to follow the following bathroom cleaning tips regularly, though. But, if you do this every week, you’ll find that it’s growing more uncomplicated and more effective.

Vacuum the bathroom tiles

Sweeping and mopping are all quite well, but what is needed to remove hair and dirt from the bathroom tiles, whether it is on the floor or wall, is often the heavy suction of a vacuum cleaner.

Pre-heat the bathroom tiles

Turn the faucet on to the hottest water level available, if appropriate, and fill the bath and sink with a few inches of hot water to heat the surrounding areas. 

Often, spray some hot water on sticky tile spots. Let them sit while you scrub the mirror for a few minutes or wipe down other surfaces. 

Then remove the hot water and clean the tile and area around it; it has been known that increased heat dramatically improves the efficacy of alkaline cleaners.

Work from top to bottom of the tiles

Whether your bathroom has a tile covering it like a shower, or a backsplash and you want to scrub it on the floor from the top down. Spray all over the antibacterial soap, and from the top down do the scrubbing. 

Since you don’t have cleaner and grime streaming down or falling through your already-cleaned places, this improves the success of your cleaning session.

Use the cleaner evenly on the tiles

You’ll want to spray the bathroom tile cleaner (including DIY natural tile or grout cleaner) uniformly over the tile and grout as you focus on cleaning tiles. With a sponge or soft rag, you can more easily accomplish this.

Clean the surfaces 

It’s time to wipe it out after the bathroom tile cleaner has sat down for about five minutes. The hardness of tile surfaces varies, although the grout appears to be more porous, so be sure to use a non-abrasive scrubbing device, such as a softer scrub brush or non-scratch pad. 

If going green in the cleaning is your jam, you can even look at using natural ingredients to scrub the grout.

Use the Magic Eraser

We recommend using Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser a try on your stubborn tiles and porcelain surfaces if you want to get a perfect idea on how to clean bathroom tiles. On grout, this is less efficient, but on the smoother surfaces of tiles, it works well.

Rinse all the cleaners

Leaving toxic chemicals on the surfaces of your bathroom tiles will make all of your cleaning work undone, so be sure to rinse them after cleaning thoroughly.

Dry all the Tile surfaces

You’ll want to carefully dry all surfaces thoroughly, especially on the road, where a wet floor presents a significant safety threat. 

To prevent cross-contamination with potentially latent surface germs, try using colour-coded dry rags (e.g. red fabric for the bathroom, yellow for the toilet, and blue for the sink).

Don’t Rush

When they have a few minutes to relax and tackle the grime on the tile itself, most bathroom tile cleaners (and other cleaning chemicals) work better. 

Only after you spray it and scatter it out, avoid the temptation to begin swiping the cleaner away. To trigger the cleaning power, let it sit there for about five minutes.

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