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images May 25, 2021
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It’s a good sign if you step into your kitchen and see it as a work in progress. Even if your workflow is interrupted, you don’t have enough room, or your materials and finishes are obsolete, you realise that the potential for the kitchen renovations you’ve always wanted is right where you’ve always been – in your new residence!

You can expand on your existing floorpplan with the aid of a design-build kitchen remodeller to create something entirely new. Here are five popular kitchen issues that a remodel may address.


You can overcome some of your kitchen’s most stubborn functional issues by simply asking a few key questions. Don’t forget to ask about these items when you meet with a design-build kitchen remodeller:

  • When walking through their own home, what potential improvements do homeowners frequently overlook?
  • Which renovations will make my life easier as well as look the part?
  • How can I make my kitchen more productive and stress-free?

The kitchen work triangle is one way to build a kitchen that benefits the homeowner the most. This principle aids kitchen remodellers in deciding how close the sink, stove, and refrigerator should be to each other in a way to avoid any “extra measures.”

When a homeowner has just installed a brand new oven and range, what is the last thing they want? Recognising that it was creating further problems in the process. If these three areas are built to work together, the tension in the kitchen would be reduced.


Although certain home renovation elements have remained unchanged over time, storage has changed to meet the needs of modern homeowners. The possibilities for smart storage have never been greater, with everything from secret refrigerators to pull-out shelving, built-in outlets, and smart devices.

What is the most decisive thing for you to use right now? Do you find yourself irritated by using an old or inconveniently placed stove, microwave, or sink?

Talk to a remodeller about these issues; they’ll be able to show you what they’ve done with similar projects in your area and come up with a solution that’s unique to your family’s needs.


You were probably trying to figure out how to suit your coffee station, stand mixer, and toaster oven all within arms reach the first time you really looked at your countertops. There’s a lot to think about when the talk comes to storage for other required equipment, work zones, and gathering zones.

It’s natural to wonder if there’s a template that can really make you feel like you “have it all.” A remodeller will assist you in creating an open plan kitchen that provides you with more of what you need, whether that is additional countertop space, more robust materials that can withstand wear and tear, or a countertop that is more aesthetically appropriate for the new area.


Let there be light, as long as it’s strategically located! When you’re reading a recipe late at night or enjoying a meal at the kitchen table, you’ll notice the difference between task lighting and ambient lighting.

Poor Ventilation

Smoke, stains, and uncomfortably warm working conditions can all result from poor kitchen ventilation, particularly around the stove and oven.

To counteract this, your remodeller could recommend upgrading your exhaust fan and/or installing a hood that offers sufficient coverage across the entire range. This will significantly boost your home’s indoor air quality while also adding a touch of elegance to complement your recent improvements.

To avoid a remodel that leaves you dissatisfied or frustrated, hire a remodeller who specialises in the area and has a portfolio that includes homes and projects similar to yours. To get your dream kitchen started, contact Renovate Today.

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