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images May 4, 2021
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5 Kitchen Island Designs For Your Kitchen

It’s essential to keep up with home remodelling trends, but a cookie-cutter kitchen remodel is the last thing you want. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, you’re probably curious about the various island designs available.

You already know that an island offers enough space for seating visitors and keeping children entertained while you work in the kitchen. Still, it also provides one of the best opportunities to express your personal style in kitchen design.

Here are five kitchen island designs from homes that we love.

  1. The Hutch and Matching Island
  2. Large and Functional Island with Seating
  3. Round Edged Island Design
  4. Industrial Modern Island
  5. Waterfall Edged Design

The Hutch and Matching Island

This Cape Cod-style kitchen is now bright and inviting, but it was gloomy, cramped, and in dire need of a makeover before the renovation. At 200 square feet, the initial kitchen didn’t satisfy the homeowners’ practical or aesthetic requirements.

When we demolished the original kitchen, the adjacent bathroom, and the neighbouring family room wall, a family-friendly style took over.

The kitchen island matches custom cabinetry that was made to look like a cabinet, and the kitchen is kept light and airy with sturdy quartz countertops.

Large and Functional Island with Seating

Believe it or not, this was once the dining room. We could make space for this massive island because the homeowner decided to replace the oddly-shaped kitchen with the dining room, which had a much larger footprint.

This classic island concept is suitable for both entertaining and daily use; the island suits the surrounding cabinets. The quartz countertop serves as a comfortable prep area and buffet bar.

The stool seating is ready to use at any time, but it can be tucked away when it’s not being used, so it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the kitchen.

Round Edged Island Design

An island will seal the deal if you want to build a welcoming space with a given aesthetic. The kitchen island’s architecture complements the deep blue shaker style cabinets surrounding it, and the marble-like Cambria quartz keeps this kitchen looking bright.

Glass-fronted cabinetry and a rounded edge on the island improve the space’s aesthetic appeal, which was previously lacking.

Industrial Modern Island

This family had leased this Almaden Valley home for years and had fantasised about how they could make it their own. When they bought the house, they realised they’d have to get rid of the dining room to make room for a larger, open-concept kitchen.

A 9-foot island with seating and storage, a walk-in pantry with modern barn doors, and a rustic-chic cocktail bar were all part of the makeover. The main island is topped with a striking black granite counter-top – “Antiqued Black Mist” by DalTile, sourced from Paz tile – that complements the kitchen’s Industrial Modern theme.

Waterfall Edged Design

The flow of this kitchen used to be disrupted by a peninsula. Still, after these homeowners became empty-nesters, they settled on a practical island that also reflected their personal style.

This waterfall edge island is “multi-height,” meaning it has a workspace as well as a higher portion for different kitchen tasks. The marble-effect quartz pattern runs the length of the kitchen. It’s low-maintenance and grout-free, making it not only beautiful to look at but also simple to clean and maintain.

A kitchen island can complement an existing kitchen or define the style of a brand-new kitchen. It can add utility and storage capacity, as well as make entertaining and everyday life more enjoyable.

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