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images April 5, 2021
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The garage is the most neglected section of your house. Homeowners usually miss the garage when cleaning their house – most usually just clean garage once a month. 

The following reasons may be the cause you’d want to renovate your garage:

  • There’s not much space
  • It’s unsafe
  • It’s messy
  • You prefer more convenience
  • You have new equipment

Ten Tips to Renovate Your Garage

Here are ten tips that might prove helpful while renovating your garage. They are:

  • What Type of Garage do you Want?
  • Understanding the Process
  • Prepare Your Budget
  • Expand Your Space
  • Create a Floor Plan
  • Use Shelves, Pegboards, Hooks, and Wall Hangers
  • Have a Better Street View
  • Review Former Projects
  • Hire a Reputable Company
  • Plan Well

What Type of Garage do you Want?

Homeowners need to decide if an attached or detached garage suits their needs best when planning a new garage renovation. Several recent housing projects have garages attached that protect from bad weather and have adequate storage.

In visual design choices, however, attached garages are minimal, and maybe a security risk because they provide another entryway. Detached garages have more choices for construction, and for your house, they escape a “garage-dominated façade.”

This style of the garage will also take up more space, and more repair costs are needed.

Understanding the Process

The end aim of any renovation is to enhance the current room greatly, but you should remember that rushing the project or heading into it unprepared will result in costly errors, both with time and with resources.

Prepare Your Budget

Not setting a realistic budget is probably one of the most significant risks homeowners make as they plan to refurbish their garages. 

Estimating the overall cost of the renovation project at the higher end of the scale is usually easier, mainly if the project in question includes installing new walls and rerouting plumbing & electrical lines.

If the aim is to turn the garage into a living room, these are the types of add-ons (including heating) that need to be addressed.

Expand Your Space

Over the past years, the number of two-car garages in new homes have risen substantially. Numerous garages are being designed to hold three or four cars.

Make sure it’s big enough for your cars when building your new garage — especially if you’ve got SUVs, minivans, or pickup trucks. Leave enough space for storage, equipment, machinery, and other things. Big garages also improve the reselling value of your house in the property market.

Create a Floor Plan

Measure the dimensions of the garage; its overall size, location of doors, windows, switches, and electrical sockets. Understand the amount of space your car consumes while it’s parked inside the garage. 

Then determine where you want to put your bulky equipment within the garage so that they don’t get knocked over.

Use Shelves, Pegboards, Hooks, and Wall Hangers

Shelves are preferably cheaper and better than closed cabinets. They are easier to access and helps you see the stored items. However, use closed cabinets for storing lawn chemicals, paint, and other things that need to be protected from dirt and dust.

Further, use pegboards as they are affordable and effortless to install, and so are hooks and wall hangers. You can mount those sheets of pegboards to the respective walls with the aid of screws and then add shelves and hooks to hold your hand tools.

You can use wall hangers and hooks to hold heavier pieces of equipment like rakes, ladders, and shovels. 

Have a Better Street View

To limit their conspicuous visibility, several modern garages are positioned 90 to 45 degrees away from the roadway. 

This offers a tremendous overall street view of your house, and your driveway does not detract from the facade of your home anymore.

Review Former Projects

A significant misconception many people have in general about remodelling ventures, and more importantly about garages are that they usually promise a return on investment or a rise in equity. 

This may not always be the instance if you plan on hiring a firm that is not experienced in high-end remodelling.

Usually, garages are not called ‘living space,’ and it is not enough to grant your garage an update from messy and unorganised, to merely organised and average, to maximise your home value. 

If you’re looking to offer more value to your house, working with a highly professional garage remodelling business is your best bet.

Hire a Reputable Company

You would need to employ someone to do the job because you have the appropriate amount of carpentry expertise available to undertake a project of this nature. 

Remember to ensure if the company is approved, accredited, and eventually eligible to do the job as it is a significant risk to skimp on efficiency for the sake of upfront cost-savings.

Initially, you can spend more, but the long-term advantages obtained by retaining a successful firm make this a worthy investment.

Plan Well

It can be tempting to prioritise design over purpose, with too many ideas about how you want your garage to look. 

Do not neglect to leave ample room for your office, and also to take advantage of numerous facilities that conserve space, such as overhead storage and wall-mounted racks.

Finally, make sure to pick a high duty materials if you are dreaming about buying fresh garage cabinetry. You spend time and resources in your remodelling and you want it to last!

So those were the tips from our experts on renovating your garage. Follow these tips closely for better results after the completion of your renovation.

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