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images May 30, 2021
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5 Ways to Boost The Exterior Design of Your Home

Are you able to spruce up your home’s exterior design? Homeowners are always willing to invest in interior remodels but reluctant to do the same for their home’s exterior.

You can give your old home the facelift it requires to achieve spectacular curb appeal by redesigning some outdoor features. Here, we five exterior home design updates for a homeowner to think about.

A Fresh Paint

Did you know that the paint on your house is only expected to last 5-10 years? That isn’t a long time in the world of homeownership. You can almost immediately make your home look ten years younger by re-applying a fresh coat of paint or choosing a whole new colour palette.

Although a little chipped paint or rough patches isn’t the end of the world, a few of these defects put together can seriously detract from your home’s curb appeal. You can almost immediately elevate your exterior home design by scraping chipped paint and adding a fresh coat of colour.

Front Door/New Shutters

It’s always worthwhile to invest in new window and door features when remodelling to improve your exterior home design. Whether you keep the same style or add new features to your exterior, this upgrade will boost curb appeal significantly.

If you want to achieve a vivid cottage style, consider using bright shutters or an accent door. For a more modern look, choose metal-framed windows and a solid wood door.

This update will immediately elevate your exterior design with just a few modernised features, regardless of which aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

Brand New Roof

The process of re-roofing involves removing your old, worn-out shingles and replacing them with new roofing material. Roofs are designed to endure a long time (usually 20-30 years), but they often grow small, damaged patches over time.

A mixture of a few of these will quickly degrade the appearance of your exterior home design. They can also head to more serious issues down the road, such as water damage or leaks.

A roof repair is a perfect choice because it can be used to update your home’s maintenance as well as modernise your home’s exterior design.


Fresh landscaping will showcase your home’s latest architecture and amenities as the perfect finishing touch to an exterior remodel. A landscaping makeover can entail more than just filling in a mulch bed or doing some other gardening.

You can entirely change your front yard by performing a landscaping renovation, which involves new features such as sidewalks, fences, hedges, and patios.

Your exterior home design will immediately feel more unified and modern by sharpening the lines in your yard and reinventing your landscape design.

Build a Front Porch

The addition of a front porch will change the look of your home’s exterior if it feels closed off or flat. It will add depth to your home’s appearance while also providing an opportunity to socialise with neighbours and passers-by.

If you’re looking for a modern exterior home design that also provides a new living room for your close ones and friends, this is the perfect addition.

Exterior home remodels, believe it or not, have some of the most significant returns on investment of any home improvement project. A home with sleek outdoor amenities and a good curb appeal is a buyer’s dream.

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