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images June 24, 2021
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Whether you’ve been considering upgrading your bathroom for a long or were inspired by something you saw on TV, one concern that many homeowners have is how much a bathroom renovation cost would.

A bathroom may cost a lot of money. The scale of your project, your choices, and any improvements are just a few factors that might have a significant influence on the total cost of your bathroom remodel.

So let’s have a look at some cost-cutting ideas:

Strategies to Limit Your Bathroom Renovation Cost

According to one yearly survey, the average cost of a mid-range bathroom makeover is slightly over $19,000. However, when you upgrade to a higher-end bathroom renovation, the price rises to $61,000. These estimates may be helpful in the early stages of planning, but keep in mind that scope and materials will ultimately determine the price.

In the process of remodelling a bathroom, there are several things to consider. More than any other home improvement, a bathroom makeover might come with unanticipated expenditures when it’s too late to back out. These costs may be kept to a minimum if you use the correct strategy. Some of the ideas are:

  • Do It Properly
  • Retrofit
  • Consider Tiling Carefully
  • Don’t Overdo It

Do It Properly

It’s a case of ‘false economy’ since it’s not inexpensive if you have to do something twice. People frequently believe they save money by reusing utilities like the bath, hiring “friends” as tradespeople, or managing the task themselves. In this scenario, there are no winners. Using friends as tradespeople may backfire big time if they make a mistake and you’re hesitant to ask them to fix it.

Not to mention the interminable wait for them to fit you in on a Saturday! Reusing goods such as a bath with a few small chips can save you money, but after you’ve already spent $20,000 on a new bathroom, what’s another thousand dollars? Especially when you’re bathing in the brand-new bathroom’s antique tub!

If you’re not a builder or have successfully renovated houses before, don’t take the risk of project managing the work alone. Waterproofing, tiling, and other critical steps cannot be overlooked or completed improperly. Using the services of a builder also guarantees that the work is covered by a seven-year warranty, which is well worth the money if something goes wrong later on.

If you’re going to the bother and expense of upgrading your bathroom, do it right the first time and hire a professional contractor.


A retrofit, often known as a cosmetic makeover, will always be less expensive than a full bathroom remodel.

Your overall prices will rise as soon as you make modifications to the present arrangement. Leaving the plumbing in place, in particular, will save a lot of money. Likewise, maintaining your current toilet, shower, and vanity waste help you to save money on your remodelling.

To make a solid aesthetic effect at a reduced expense, you may improve storage, add a walk-in shower, and install a beautiful wall-mounted toilet.

Consider Tiling Carefully

Although a beautiful tile may transform your bathroom, picking the incorrect tiles might quickly blow your budget if you’re remodelling on a budget. Here are some point for homeowners to keep in mind:

  • The cost of extra tiny tiles is increased. Yes, marble mosaic tiles will add elegance to your bathroom or shower wall, but they can be very costly at over $200 per square meter. They also cost more to lay in terms of labour since your tiler will spend significantly more time per metre doing so. Another expense problem with small-scale tiles is that they must be put on a completely smooth and even surface since any imperfections in the surface would be magnified. Finally, your tiler and builder will want the walls levelled and straightened throughout a remodel, which might add to the expense.
  • Extra-large tiles are more expensive. Although picking huge tiles, such as 450mm x 900mm or 600mm x 900mm or even more prominent, may make your bathroom look more prominent, their extensive and awkward scale will require a two-person work for your tiler, which will cost more. Using a regular 450mm x 450mm or 600mm x 600mm tile should help keep expenses down.
  • Choosing floor-to-ceiling tiles is another method to increase the expense of your bathroom quickly. This option necessitates the removal of the ceiling cornice and the installation of a square. Some individuals choose to tile only the flooring and moist places behind the bath and shower to save money. Yes, you’ll save money, but the floor-to-ceiling tiles will make your bathroom appear more prominent.
  • The cost of the tile finish will increase. When choosing tiles, you will have the option of picking a matt, lapatto, or shine finish. When it comes to saving money, the matt is typically less expensive than the lapatto (semi-gloss), so go with this choice. A matt tile is also easy to clean, which makes it excellent for a bathroom.

Don’t Overdo It

When the talk comes to bathroom renovations, less is more. Too many objects will fight for attention in such a limited space, and you will lose your effect. You will not only save money by declining every upgrade or accessory, but you will also improve the outcome of your project.

Instead, choose a focal point or primary element in your bathroom to which you want to draw attention and limit the rest to a bare minimum. Allow one or two decorations, such as a wooden stool, plush towels, or an indoor plant, to draw attention to your chosen feature. Pick a great mirror that serves a dual purpose of being a beautiful feature and being functional.

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