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Are you after reliable kitchen tilers in Sydney? Want to give your kitchen a fresh new look with some new tiles?

Renovate Today offers a professional and cost effective kitchen tiling service  Choose one of the best kitchen tilers in Sydney and completely change the way your kitchen looks and feels. Our company can help you navigate through the many hundreds of designs and tiles and can offer discounted rates through our suppliers.

Because we want you to get the most out of your kitchen tiling project, we have prepared the following to help you understand it a bit better:

Kitchen Tiling Vs. Other Tilings

Tiling can completely change the look and feel of the kitchen. The style, colour, placement and materials of the tile can all differ, so choosing the right tile for your kitchen is important and makes all the difference.

While kitchen tiling, the choice of tiles should be done considering 3 factors:

  • PEI Rating:

The tiles have a PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) rating from 0-5. Higher the rank higher the capability to withstand traffic on the floor. In the kitchen typically, PCI rating 3 and above tiles are used. Also, on the kitchen walls, a PCI rating 0 or 1 tile can be used. Check up with our employees on choosing tile as you get the best kitchen tiling in Sydney!

  • Slip Resistance:

Slip resistance is essential for the kitchen floors. The slip resistance in tile protects from the danger of slipping during wet conditions. Checking slip resistance is especially important if you have children. The slip resistance offered by tiles is measured using the R-Rating. The value ranges from 9-13 and higher the rating more the resistance provided. Discussing the right kind of tile is important so, make sure to discuss it with us.

  • Tile Sizes:

Tile sizes can range from mid-sized to large-sized in the kitchen. Although nothing stops you from using small tiles too but suing larger tiles helps in cost reduction, and you get to put on some awesome designs! Select your favourite design and give it to us, and we will showcase our skills as one of the best kitchen tilers in Sydney!

Our tiling services will not fail to bring a smile on your face. Contact us now and get the best kitchen tiling in Sydney!

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