Tiling floors has become a common trend as of recent and is the top decorative choice for any portion of the building, more specifically in the bathrooms. The multi-functionality of tiles, providing protection, and also serving decorative purposes, has made it quite popular among the people. Bathroom tiling is a smart choice, and you have taken it, but how to get started?

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Although starting to buy yourself might be tempting, but please refrain from doing that! Considering the risk and effort, you should hire a professional bathroom tiling company than getting your hands dirty. Also, to help you out with that, Renovate Today presents its bathroom tiling services in Sydney to you! We are probably the best choice as a bathroom tiling company in Sydney! With state of the art equipment and a team of highly trained professionals, we expect to give you the best bathroom tiling in Sydney!

However, getting started might not be the only question in your mind; cost, time taken, preparation, etc. there are many things to think about. So, to help you out we have prepared a list of frequently asked question to help you out with bathroom tiling:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Tile a Bathroom?

The tiling begins typically with a thorough cleaning of the walls and floor, which is followed by placing of tile backer board. The backer boards reinforce the tiles, which are then installed into the floor or the walls. The tiles may require some cutting to adjust into the corners. Then waterproof tile adhesives are added followed by grout to ensure waterproofing. All of this requires professional precision for best results. So, we offer our professional bathroom tiling services to ensure perfection in every corner!

How long does bathroom tiling take?

It usually takes about 5 days, and the process cannot be hurried as it can affect the quality of waterproofing in your bathroom. Our bathroom tiling company will ensure quality in every step to make you’re your bathroom tiling is a success.

How much do bathroom tiling services cost?

Bathroom tiling costs typically from around $3000 to $5000, depending upon the size of the bathroom and especially the materials used. We will provide you with a detailed budget plan so that you can get the most reasonable bathroom tiling in Sydney.

What kind of tile should I use?

The types of tiles that can be used include:

  • Glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles
  • Glass tiles
  • Quarry
  • Natural stones

Affordable Bathroom Tiling in Sydney

Different materials have different qualities, and their usage depends upon your choice. Discuss the usage with our experts as you get services from one of the best bathroom tilers in Sydney!

We expect to provide an affordable and reasonable bathroom tiling service in Sydney. We hope to serve you soon!

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