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If you’re pondering a full-scale home renovation or just an exterior repaint, Renovate Today stands as your ideal choice. Boasting over 100 successful projects throughout Sydney, we have established ourselves as the leading home renovation experts.

In the St George area, we are recognised for our vast experience and are frequently chosen for our unwavering dedication to precision and detail. Our primary goal is to provide impeccable results, ensuring both immediate satisfaction and lasting value for our clients.

Home renovation Carss Park

Over the years, our portfolio has encompassed a diverse range of projects, including:

  • Full and partial home makeovers
  • Home expansions and extensions
  • Home office renovations
  • Innovative space redesigns
  • Apartment renovations
  • Bathroom demolitions and renovations
  • Granny flat remodels
  • Compact space redesigns
  • Garage conversions
  • Laundry tiling and renovations
  • Sunroom additions
  • Resurfacing and repainting jobs
  • Interior design and decorating

We take pride in our ability to deliver comprehensive home remodels in just 3 to 6 weeks, adhering to practical budgets and timelines while upholding the highest quality standards. Faced with any challenge, our team excels in devising creative solutions that keep your project on course and within budget.

Why choose Renovate Today?

Our extensive track record of over 100 projects, combined with our meticulous focus on every detail, has cemented our reputation as industry leaders. Our clients consistently express their delight at project completion, appreciating our focus on even the minutest aspects of their vision. They also praise our cost-effective strategies and our knack for turning their concepts into tangible realities.

We aim for both functional and stylish outcomes, leveraging our vast experience in home makeovers and various other home improvements. Our expertise equips us to handle any challenges, ensuring the successful completion of your project.

Ready to explore the potential of your home? Contact Renovate Today for an in-depth discussion of your ideas. We are prepared to conduct an onsite assessment, whether you’re close to Girroma St, Bunyala St, Erang St or Benwerrin Ave. Let’s unlock the exciting possibilities awaiting your home.


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