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With 100+ projects already completed and 20+ years of combined experience, let us renovate and fully transform your home if you want to ensure quality and long-lasting results. Here at Renovate Today our team will also make it a smooth experience as we complete the project.

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It all starts with your ideas and requirements. We’ll closely listen to you and then study the area. We’ll then meticulously come up with a design and plan. This is crucial because this should be done perfectly before finalising the design or buying any material.

We take the time in this planning stage because we want to fully understand what the client wants. It’s especially the case if you have unique requirements or you want to achieve something that only you can visualise and articulate. You might also want to explore the possibilities (where we can be glad to offer suggestions) to realise the potential of your space.

Although this area is Sutherland Shire’s main retail and commercial centre, the homes here are still undergoing major transformations. Whether it’s keeping up with the trend or you want your home to better fit your requirements and preferences, the resulting transformation should be perfect and according to the highest standards. This way, you’ll get more value from your investment and that you’ll also enjoy the outcome.

Why choose Renovate Today?

Aside from the 100+ projects we’ve completed and our 20+ years of combined experience, clients also choose us because of our competitive pricing and how we smoothly handle each project (we regularly keep customers updated about the project’s progress).

We also offer interior design services to complement our renovation work. This way, the results will be consistent and that the potential of the structure will be truly realised. Through the years we’ve been doing this in apartment and bathroom renovations. We also take care of the bathroom demolitions and garage conversions so that our customers will only have to coordinate with one team.

Whether your dwelling is near Huntingdale Ave, Kiama St, Jason Street Park, Silverwater Cres, Sutherland Shire Centenary Park, Yowie Gully or Wyralla Rd, we can give you a free no-obligation consultation. This can be done in-person or through video conferencing for your convenience. We can start talking about your ideas and requirements if you contact us today.

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