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If your home now requires a major update to better reflect your requirements and lifestyle, contact us here at Renovate Today. We’ll listen closely to your ideas and together, we’ll come up with an optimal design and tailored plan for the project.

Home renovation Loftus

Whether it’s a total home makeover or a major repaint, rest assured that it will be done professionally. Our team will carefully plan and execute the project.

Customers in Sutherland Shire often choose us because:

  • We’ve already completed 100+ projects
  • We offer fast turnarounds (usually 3 to 6 weeks)
  • Our team has more than 20 years of combined experience
  • We ensure continuous progress and continuous collaboration with customers

Every step of the way we keep our customers informed about the progress of the project. This helps ensure a smooth experience and that our customers can better focus on other important matters in their lives.

Because of our experience in completing over a hundred projects, we’re always able to come up with cost-effective solutions for most constraints and challenges. We’re also able to take advantage of the unique opportunities each site presents. This helps lead to an outcome that is highly personalised to each customer.

We can start with assessing your site and studying your ideas and requirements. We can get to you wherever you are in Loftus including areas at or near Third Ave, Eighth Ave, Browallia Crescent Reserve, Mulberry Street Reserve, Viburnum Rd and Chestnut St.

Why choose Renovate Today

We make sure everything is predictable and goes according to plan, which is why our projects always go smoothly no matter the size of the job, whether it’s a total renovation or a repaint.

Here’s a list of what we do well:

  • Total home makeovers
  • Apartment renovations
  • Bathroom demolitions and bathroom renovations
  • Garage conversions
  • Creative space remodels
  • Home additions and extensions
  • Home office renovations
  • Interior designs and decorations
  • Laundry tiling and renovations
  • Sunroom additions
  • Resurfacing and repaints

Notice that we also carry out interior design and decoration. It’s a complementary service that helps make sure everything will be consistent and that it will bring out the full potential of the resulting space.

Contact us here at Renovate Today if you require an excellent outcome and a smooth experience for the project completion. Every step of the way, you’ll always feel that the project is being handled professionally.

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