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If you want your home to better reflect your current lifestyle and requirements, contact us here at Renovate Today. Together we’ll come up with a practical design and plan that you will be proud of for several years to come.

Home renovation Engadine

During the planning, we will listen closely to your requirements and we will thoroughly study the site. As we assess the site and its immediate surroundings, we will take note of several opportunities, constraints and features such as sun orientation, number and height of nearby trees, elevation, views of hills and waters if there are any, climate and neighbourhood.

After a thorough site assessment, we will then incorporate our observations into the design and plan. On this stage we’ll be able to anticipate problems that may arise during the renovation work. Because of this proactive anticipation, we can then come up with a practical solution that will ensure the smooth and steady progress of the project. The progress will be predictable and can be completed within six weeks.

Why choose Renovate Today

Through the years, we’ve already completed more than a hundred projects. Each project was unique mainly because each customer has a unique set of requirements. For example, in garage conversions we transformed the spaces into something a lot more functional given the customers’ current requirements (e.g. perhaps it’s more practical to turn the garage into a home office). In bathroom renovations we’ve made the space bigger and made the arrangement of fixtures more sensible (to maximise the available space and make the place more pleasing to the eyes). In bathroom demolitions (whether for renovation, extension or conversion) and apartment renovations, we keep our eyes on the goal of maximising value for the customers and making each square metre of space fully functional.

Contact us today if you also prioritise function and purpose. For partial or total home transformation, we can assess your site whether you’re at or a bit near the Needles, Sierra Road Reserve, Leawarra Walking Trail, Marton Public School, Kingswood Road Oval, Wollybutt Rd, Peppermint Grove or Numantia Rd.

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