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If you want a team of accomplished professionals to do your home renovation, contact us here at Renovate Today. We’ve already completed more than 100 projects. Our team has more than 20 years of combined experience in total home remodels, garage conversions, bathroom renovations and other major home transformation projects.

Home renovation Bonnet Bay

We specialise in home and apartment renovations. Whether it’s partial or total transformation, we handle each project with care and adherence to the latest building standards. This way, each result will best reflect our values about integrity, functionality and longevity.

Our customers share the same values. As a result, now they want their homes and spaces to best reflect their current requirements and lifestyles. For instance, there might be a new family member or there’s a need to build a separate home office. Or, it’s just the perfect time to update the design and functionality of the home (perhaps to save on electricity, make the exterior home better complement the immediate surroundings, etc.).

In all cases, our customers already have a clear idea of what they want. Our role then is to bring that idea into reality through our dedicated time and expertise. It’s still all about our customers. We just work to organise the resources and effort for making it happen.

Why choose Renovate Today

Sure, many of our recent customers choose us because of our years of experience and number of projects completed. But how were we able to withstand the test of time and continuously land project after project in our early years?

One major reason is our professional approach to work and our constant communication with each customer during each project. We aim to make each project as smooth and predictable as possible. Instead of being a stressful period, we want each project to be an exciting time for each homeowner. After all, it should be a worthwhile journey where a dream slowly unfolds (or a gift that’s slowly revealing itself).

Although the process is smooth and predictable, the outcome remains a surprising delight. That’s because we pay attention to detail and we take the time to ensure a perfect outcome. Rest assured that you’ll witness this whether your home is near the Glen Reserve, Lakewood City Reserve, Van Buren Cct, Tom Evans Field or Woronora River, we can work with you.

We can start with a free no-obligation consultation so you can talk about your ideas and vision. Although constraints and challenges will surely appear, the Renovate Team will still work on your ideas and execute the plan. You’ll benefit from our combined experience of 20+ years and variety of projects completed.

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