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Now is the perfect time to transform or update your home. But to do it right and ensure an excellent outcome, contact us here at Renovation Today. With our team’s 20+ years combined experience and 100+ projects completed in Sydney, you’ll gain total assurance and peace of mind.

Home and apartment renovation Barden Ridge

Whether you want to modernise your home or make the place better reflect your current lifestyle and requirements, our team will execute your ideas and vision. We’ll always start with your ideas and if there are constraints, we’ll creatively work around them.

You’ll benefit from our 20+ years of combined experience as we handle the entire design, planning and renovation. Whether it’s bathroom demolitions and renovations, garage conversions or total home remodel, rest assured that the results will best reflect what you had in mind. It will be made possible by our customer-centric approach and focus on the intended outcome.

Although we’ve already completed more than 100 projects in Sydney, still we’re always excited about each new project. Each home or site presents fresh possibilities unique to each place and property owner. Although constraints are always present, we still rather focus on the possibilities and opportunities that will lead to a functional and modern-looking home.

Why choose Renovate Today

We’re against the one-size-fits-all. Each home or site presents its own unique set of opportunities or challenges. For example, places at risk of bushfire incidents should have additional safety and fire resistance features. Also, areas that remain cold even during summer should have additional or special insulation.

That’s what our team does. We take into account all the environmental factors and variables before we finalise the design and plan. Then, we go back to the customer’s ideas and figure out how to work around the constraints and overcome the challenges.

Whether your home is near The Ridge Sporting Complex, Landor Rd, The Needles, Shire Christian School, Thomas Mitchell Dr, Wardell Dr or Australia Road Reserve, we can come to you and start with a free no-obligation consultation.

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