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If you want the renovation to be done according to your requirements and within a reasonable budget and timeline, contact us here at Renovate Today. You can be sure of a delightful result because of our more than 20 years combined experience and more than a hundred projects completed already throughout Sydney.

Home renovation Bangor

With your ideas we can make your home refreshing and more functional. We can also make it better reflect your current lifestyle and requirements. Perhaps years ago the design and structure of your home was already perfect. But things and preferences change and now you want to keep up with the times. You also want your home to look desirable again after all these years.

To accomplish that, the plan and execution should be perfect. It should be a result of meticulous planning plus a close attention to detail during the renovation. During the planning, all the constraints should be addressed and all possibilities explored. During the construction, the entire team should be working diligently while ensuring constant communication in the entire process.

That’s what we do here at Renovate Today. Whether it’s a full home renovation, apartment renovation, garage conversion, bathroom demolition and renovation, kitchen remodel or other transformational projects, the plan and execution are always intelligent and flawless.

Why choose Renovate Today

Although we’ve completed more than 100 projects already, we’re still busy keeping up with changing standards and exciting innovations in our field. We do this not just because of compliance, but also for delivering the best possible outcome for our customers.

Whether it’s somewhere near the Still Creek, Billa Road Oval, Yala Road Tennis Court, Bobbin Pl, Akuna Oval or Dulin Cl, we’ll formulate a plan and a design that takes into account the immediate surroundings, the Council regulations and your complete requirements. We’ll also work around the constraints (e.g. if some areas of your home are difficult to access or if there are nearby trees and utilities) and explore the possibilities to make your home more functional.

With our full renovation (plus interior design) services, it will be a total transformation that will be refreshing and delightful. If you want this outcome, we can start with a free no-obligation consultation in person or video call conferencing. You can now start talking about your ideas and requirements on how to raise your home’s beauty, function and value.

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