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Are you looking bathroom demolition contractors? Then you have come to the right place! While it might be tempting to think you could do it on your own, take no chance! It is very risky and possibly dangerous too. So, seeking professional help is the way to go, and that is why Renovate Today is here. Renovate Today provides one of the best bathroom demolition services in Sydney. Save yourself from all the trouble of hectic plan-making and Renovate Today!

Renovate Today is one of the most reputed renovation companies. We provide top-notch services related to bathroom demolition in Sydney. 24/7 services for the convenience of our customers is what we aim to deliver to all. Moreover, to live up to those standards, our professionals use we use modern equipment and techniques to carry out the task. Currently located in Sydney, Renovate Today provides you with a very reliable service at a very reasonable cost!

Bathroom renovation can get a bit confusing when you get started; where to begin, cost, etc. So to help you out with that we are here with some common queries to help you:

How to Demolish a Bathroom?

You can get personal assistance from our employees on this matter through our 24/7 responsive hotline. They will guide you throughout the entire process and help you in choosing the right equipment. However, as this is quite risky and tiresome, we do not recommend this. We highly suggest that you take our professional bathroom demolition services. An appropriate plan for the demolition will be provided to you so that you can relax.

How Much Does Bathroom Demolition Cost?

The bathroom demolition cost is about $900 to $1400, depending upon the type and size of your bathroom. The fee includes total demolition, so in case you want only some parts spared like the tiles or the bathtub or sink, the price will be reduced. Taking our services will help you even more to manage the costs. With our reliable services, we will point out only the necessary parts to be demolished and help you manage cost-efficiently.

How Long Does it Take to Demolish a Bathroom?

The complete demolition takes about 2 or more days. It will take more time if the bathroom in the upper stories or the material is hard to remove. All of this will be calculated in advance when you choose our services. Comprehensive work plan with a budget list will be provided to you in advance.

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